Monday, August 24, 2015

Sycamore Beach

One of the most wonderful things about high school for Madeline has been the cross country team. It's a sport that she loves, and being a part of a group that is almost a second family gives us peace of mind that her best interests are always at heart. The team works hard and strives for victory, but at the end of the day, their greatest successes are measured by the health and happiness of every member. They train together, they have fun together, they share in traditions together. One such tradition is the 8 mile beach run at the beginning of the season. The entire team treks to Sycamore Beach for a morning of running and eating.

Madeline had the best time. And from a parent's perspective, traditions such as the beach run (and the Pancake Time Trial this coming weekend) are what really separate a good team from a great one. From the coaches to the parents, Shannon and I are very happy that Madeline has found herself a part of something so special.

It's her second year on the team and we're very excited to see what the season has in store. Let's find out together!


  1. Amazing pictures of the beach.

  2. Thank you, Ruth! With the exception of the group photo of the girls team, Madeline took the pictures.

    1. She has a good eye. No shock there.


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