Sunday, August 16, 2015

We've Moved!

Good evening y'all.

If you're wondering why Southern Blossoms has been a quiet blog as of late, it hasn't been due to lack of content. Our summer was lovely, fun, and full. But during that time I began to evaluate why Southern Blossoms began and why I was continuing with our family scrapbook. We've been raising two children, have moved around the world, traveled, become leaders in our short we've changed. We've grown. We're not who we were when Southern Blossoms began 7 years ago.

Priorities, wants, hopes and dreams, they have evolved. They've simplified. It felt that if I continued with our family blog, it should honestly reflect those changes.

Still Southern at heart and in our ways, it's my hope that our new blog, Hominy&Home (which will continue to follow our family and our adventures), reflects where we are now.

Enjoy your time while you're here. I look forward to continuing our family's journey with all of you.



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