Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Girl's Weekend In Seattle

Last Thursday I left the heat of California for the crispness of Seattle and Vancouver for a long girls weekend. It was a lovely four day trip with two of my closest friends from high school, Liz and Jen. It's funny, but even though it was planned earlier much in the summer this getaway somehow landed at the perfect time. The weeks had been increasingly busy, the weather in SoCal pretty miserable...getting up and out of the country when we did couldn't have been planned better.

It was a weekend filled with seeing the sights, and lots of laughter and good food. Add to that the beautiful weather and an unexpected meeting with some good friends from online, and we couldn't have ordered up a more ideal vacation. Come with us to the Seattle Farmer's Market, the Space Needle, and enjoy some of the sights of Seattle that most caught our eye.

Stay tuned for Vancouver!

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