Friday, September 4, 2015

Oak Park Invitational

It's unusual to have a home meet as the first race of the year, especially when the home course is unavailable to be used. But this is exactly how the OPHS XC team's season began. In true fashion, each team member was well-prepared and cordial to their guests, the parents and sibblings milled around for hours to watch the various races, and for myself and the little guy, our sights were set on the Frosh/Soph run to see our favorite fifteen year old.

Join us for the Oak Park Invitational!

Though Seaside is the usual first meet of the year, our high school was honored to host the inaugural race in our division. The order of races were the JV 2 mile, Frosh/Soph, Varsity, then JV. Madeline is one of the lucky 7 boys and girls to be a part of the Frosh/Soph team-a group composed of the fastest Freshmen and Sophomores. It's right below Varsity in terms of speed and consistency, and a step above JV. From a team of over 100 boys and girls, it's an honor to be chosen as one of the fastest 9th and 10th graders for this special team.

The weather was lovely, and the runners didn't seem to be affected by the heat as they spent hours running and cheering on their teammates. 

Look at that form! It's not often Jackson and I can make a meet. More often than not the team is away, and the distance makes it difficult to attend. For this reason I was thrilled that things were switched around yesterday. We want to be there cheering our girl on, supporting her and the team. It's amazing to see these teenagers move, to know how well spent their summers were while in daily practice.

I'm happy to say that Oak Park did a marvelous job competing and supporting one another. The few races we saw showed great effort and tremendous determination. Madeline's team in paticular dominated the course. Jackson and I cheered for her and the other Eagles until we left, and looking back a these pictures we can see that the season is off to a great start. 

We can't wait to see where it takes our children.

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