Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Rebel Football

Nothing quite ushers you into the football season like a little tailgating. And in the South, oh, I'm sorry, the entire nation, Ole Miss is known as the warmest, most elegant tailgate party you could ever hope to attend. It's a privlege and a delight to have attended with my husband, just as our parents, cousins, brother and sister-in-law did before us.

I suppose it's our first game this Saturday that has me stirred up.

Let me share with you a few beautiful reasons why tailgaiting at the University of Mississippi is such a celebrated event, and why everyone is welcomed like family, and leaves as a friend.  

     Are you ready? 

Large tents, the finest china, cloth napkins, crystal, and yes, hanging chandeliers, are the norm at an Ole Miss tailgate. Bedecked in the school colors of red and blue, the Grove is a sea of bold colors and refined ceremony. Food is served on silver handed down through the generations, grand floral arrangements are artfully arranged. And as the drinks flow through thr entire day, there are only smiles and laughter to be heard.

It's a combination of frivolity and tradition that keep families coming back every generation, and pull even the most loathesome of competition in for a welcoming hug. No one will ever say they've left an Ole Miss tailgate feeling excluded. 

But it's when the football team marches through the Walk of Champions with the perkiest of cheerleaders raising the spirits of the crowd that your heart begins to beat in time with the approaching drums. Shouts of 'HOTTY TODDY' and The Pride of the South manage to quiet the crowd as they play "Dixie", sending hearts soaring and cheers ringing while the trumpets blare.

But what really makes each tailgate a special occasion to me, are the memories that they always evoke. I grew up attending them with my parents, I spent time the young man that would become my husband under many of the grand oaks. And bringing my own daughter, who would also come to adore the pagentry, allowed me to see the entire experience through new eyes.

I can't say enough about the beauty and tradition that is Ole Miss and our tailgates before each game. But I can hope you find yourself inspired by remembering that life is a celebration and win or lose, there is alsways another moment around the corner ready to be enjoyed. 


All tailgating images save the last two are courtesy of Southern Living magazine.

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  1. It is the best place on earth. I can't wait for the day my nephew gets to finally experience it.


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