Saturday, November 21, 2015

Christmas Pictures

Every year I make a promise to myself that taking pictures for our Christmas cards won't turn into an event. I'll pick out clothes that coordinate, find a beautiful location, then we'll spend a short amount of time getting that perfect picture.  I'll order the cards that night and when December 1st rolls around I'll be ready to mail them out. Sounds easy enough, right?

Every year I say that and every year I fail. If it's not schedules, it's the weather, and if it's not the weather, it's the children preferring to run around than pose for this yearly photograph. I can't blame them-especially when we happen to be posing right across from a playground.

But this year I did it. During the second week of this month, somehow the stars aligned and everything came together-including placing our order through Shutterfly

Distractions were minimal, clothes were cute but comfortable, and afterwards two very happy kiddos ran around the park playing until lunch time. It was a win-win all around. 

Enjoy a glimpse into our family photo session! I'll reveal our Christmas card very soon.

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