Monday, December 21, 2015

A White Elephant Christmas Party

One of the great events we look forward to every year is the White Elephant party hosted by Madeline's friend, Anna, and her mother, Karen. Always before Christmas, it is an afternoon set aside for mothers and daughters. The company is the best, the hostesses gracious and entertaining, and for all of us, it makes for an afternoon filled with laughter and good friends. 

This year our bartender served us delightful lemon drops and prosecco while the girls mixed and created at the hot chocolate bar. Homemade gingerbread cookies were decorated and eaten, numerous treats were enjoyed. And if you don't think I'm going to ask for the amazing strata recipe prepared by Karen, think again! It was phenomenal. Layered with cheeses, pesto, and fresh bites of tomato, this southern gal nearly rolled herself to the car. I may have broken my rule about going back for seconds...and considered thirds. Don't judge-it was that good.

Before we left gifts had been exchanged (and stolen) and everyone left happy, tired, and full in heart and stomach.

All in all, it was a great way to begin the week of Christmas! Enjoy our pictures below.

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