Thursday, August 11, 2016

Looking back at Sixteen

This is several months late but a mother is never short of fond memories-especially when it comes to their children. Last April my sweet girl turned 16. Sweet 16...what a wonderful age. She's very fortunate to have good friends, supportive family, and have a loving heart working along side a thoughtful mind. 

We gave her free reign to plan this special occasion and thankfully, she's a girl who knows what she likes and what works for her friends. Going with a nod to her Southern roots, the theme was a backyard southern movie night, complete with mason jars, lots of lights to imitate the glow of fireflies, and rustic elements that made it a birthday to remember. I added a few extra touches in her favorite color of blue, some southern blossoms, and china and with the film "Sixteen Candles" ushering them through the chilly evening, it was a night we still talk about.

Enjoy some snapshots from the celebrations! 

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