Saturday, October 8, 2016

A Ghostly Circle

We enjoy the holidays and try to make the most of them. Crazily enough, though stores begin stocking for the seasons months ahead of time, once the holidays in question arrive they fly by. I'm not the only one who's noticed this right?

In the spirit of savoring these October days, my son and I tackled a project that's been sitting in my Pinterest files for years. We waited for this weekend to do it since big sister would be out of town and together, we spent most of our Saturday creating a sweet and spooky circle of ghosts. 

Are you ready to make your own? 

I'll be the first to admit that it takes longer than it would seem. It requires very little by the way of materials and they're very easy to find. But sometimes little things such as not having enough fabric or the heat of the afternoon prolong the assembly. But when you're done? It's simply spooktacular!

This is what we used for the project:

DIY Ghost Circle

Long, sturdy wooden dowels (we used 7)
Large styrofoam balls (again, we used 7 and I already had them, saving money)
30 yards of white muslin 
Safety pins
Large, clear zip-ties 
Rubber mallet

Before beginning please take noteDepending on where you intend to place it will determine how many wooden dowels you need and yardage of fabric. The base of our tree is large so it required 7 dowels (one of which I had to return to Joann's for because I underestimated how many would be needed). A smaller circle will need less than a large, but always use an odd number of dowels for your ghosts. It just looks better.

Begin by laying out your dowels. Find a center point, for us it was a tree, and space them out as evenly as possible. Once you are satisfied with where they are use your rubber mallet to hammer one into the ground. A rubber mallet is preferable because while your dowel is thick and sturdy, it's still wood. A hammer may exert too much force and break it. 

Take a moment to look at your first standing dowel-which is the "body" of the ghost. If you still like the placement hammer the second one in. Take your time and make sure you are happy with the spacing as you go. It'll save time in the long run and when you're finished the circle will look a like this:

Next comes the "head" of the ghost aka the styrofoam balls. Use a screwdriver to poke and twist a hole into the ball. This is where you'll stick it onto the dowel. It's not necessary, but you can put some glue into the hole then slide it onto the dowel, wiggling it down a little further if possible so the fit is snug.

Tip: To save money, because I priced the styrofoam balls and the ones I already had were about $6 a piece, go to the Dollar Store and get a plastic jack o' lantern used for trick or treating. It's bigger than the styrofoam balls but still has a great shape and costs a lot less.

Here is the fun part! This is when the skeleton of your ghost circle becomes to come alive. Trust me, my son was so excited once the fabric began to get cut and laid out. You may think 30 yards of fabric seems excessive, but it was the most inexpensive one ($1.00 a yard) and I'll explain why I needed this much.

One, I wanted the fabric to drape and billow on windy days. Two, the width of the fabric I used was narrow so I had to double my original estimate of 15 yards so the dowels would be completely hidden. Again, if you use fewer dowels and use a fabric that is wide, you'll need less. My suggestion is to drape the fabric over your dowel in the store. It'll tell you how many yards you'll need per ghost and you won't have to I did.

Once you have your fabric draped over the skeleton, use your zip ties to cinch around its "neck" This will keep everything together and create the ghostly look you're going for! Remember that our fabric was narrow in width and because of that I had to use two pieces to cover it: one going right to left, one going front to back.

When you use the zip-tie your ghost should look like below:

Complete your circle and before you know it, you'll have a gaggle of sweet and spooky ghosts adorning your yard for the month of October.

Now who else thinks we need to get some flashlights under their skirts so they light up at night? Beuller? Beuller?

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